Timur Tokunov


Lettering 2017, part 1
Some lettering I did this year using brushpens and Adobe Illustrator.
Projector still animation for MISS USPTU-2017
Animation did for using as a projector still at USPTU's Faculty of Automation (FAPP) perfomance at Miss USPTU-2017 contest.
UNITED'16 Branding
Annual Youth Christian Conference UNITED was hosted in Ufa, Russia form 2011 to 2016. The main goal of conference was to unite youth from churches of Ufa and Bashkortostan Republic. Conference speakers and guests were pastors and musicians from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and Kemerovo, such as Hillsong Moscow Team in 2015-2016.
USPTU Automation Department
Ufa State Petroleum Technological University is one of the most leading technological universities in Russian Federation. Automation Department train high-professional petrochemistry and technological automation engineers. Also, "Факультет автоматизации производственных процессов" (Department's name in Russian) is known for long-lived orange-colored brand and activity in such spheres as magazines issuing, video-blogging, etc.
Photographer Personal Logo
Evgeniy Tatarov is a photographer working in Ufa, Russia. I created lettering-based logo for him to use it as a watermarks on photos, on business cards, etc. for better self-representation.
Here're some posters I did for Great Commission Church Youth Ministry (YOUTHGC) in 2015. For more information about GCCHURCH, visit velikoeporuchenie.ru.
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